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We are accepting DEPOSITS for
We distribute the animals in the order we receive the deposits.
Deposit goes toward the price of the animal.
Deposits are 200.00 per animal and are non-refundable.


We have special made food specifically made for fox.   We sell this food exclusively to our customers who purchase a fox from us. The fox eat 1/2 as much of our fox food VS the other types of store bought food.
Our protein is 38% and you can not buy this in a store. 
We DO NOT use dog food  or any RAW food to feed our fox!


The Red RANCH RAISED Fox : females 12#  males 20#
ARCTIC Type Fox :  females 8-12#   males 15-20#


 Regardless of what type of fox you adopt,
you will need a good veterinarian who is comfortable with your animal.  Your goal should be to encourage their natural behaviors while establishing a strong bond with them.  Interactions with your fox are important to maintain their socialization and ensure their happiness.
Fox do not like snakes.  So if you have snakes or reptiles you need to keep them totally seperated.   


Our exotic species of animals that we sell , live in many habitats.  These animals adapt well to many different environments. Choose from our large variety of colors and different species of animals. 

*NOTE THAT WHEN YOU PURCHASE A FOX FROM US A MORE DETAILED CARE PLAN WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE TO YOU .  We advise you to seek a good veterinarian with the treatment of your animal.  We will not be held responsible for any mishaps pertaining to these documents.

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See our 3 species of fox
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Red Fox
Grey Fox 
Arctic Fox
Choose from the large variety of colorations we have to offer.  

Gray fox fox 
​We are not accepting any more deposits for these for 2020
Arctic fox  

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(more pictures can be found on the home page)

Blue Arctic Fox- stay this color all year 575.00 

Shadow Arctic Fox- they have a slight shadow (gray cast)  then as they get bigger cast fades and stay white all year 675.00 

Polar Arctic Fox- they are the blueish color in summer and are white in winter 625.00

Grey Fox species- we are not accepting any more grey fox deposits for 2020

Grey Fox species 
​sorry we are not accepting any more deposits for 2020.

To purchase an animal

Deposits are 200.00 per animal and are non refundable.
Deposits go toward the price of the animal and you pay the balance at pick-up.
We distribute our animals in the order we receive the deposits.
Babies are born 1 time per year.
To make a deposit you may send a check to us or make deposit with a credit card over the phone.
Our mailing address is 
Tiny Tracks Exotic Animals LLC
4354 County Road 60
​Auburn, IN 46706
​260-927-9716 or 260-927-0488

Be Aware

A fox will tolerate all different types of climates 
Here in Indiana we also have 100 degree days too! We also have cold temperatures as well.  A fox requires shelter, shade, food and water. Fox will get along with other animals such as cats or dogs. They do not like SNAKES! They eat mice and other rodents in the wild...so do not expect your fox.... to just PLAY with a mouse. Use common sense. Each fox has it's own personality, just as people do.  Each type of fox will lure you into playing with them by making things a game. IF you have snakes you need to have them and the fox totally different areas  where the fox can not smell the snake.  Fox are born from April to July depending on the species of fox it is. We do sell fox food and it is better than the food you can buy in the store.  Our fox food is 38% protein and we are told they will eat 1/2 as much of our food as store bought food. A Fox needs special things in its diet that a dog does not require. Our fox food is $65.00 for 50# and they will eat approx 3-50# bags of our food per year. IF you do not wish to purchase our fox food we recommenda chicken based food.  We also recommend an outdoor enclosure for when you are at work to stay out of trouble. You can not tie up a fox like you do a dog because the fox will chew the leash to be free. Fox proof your house just as you do for a toddler. Cover outlets and cords. Watch doors as you go in and out also be aware of open windows.  Avoid breakables on surfaces that it may climb on. Get a litter box to train to go to the bathroom in. Get a harness to take your fox outside.  The 1st size harness when you pick up your fox is KITTEN  size. Train your fox just as you would a dog and say "no" for undesirable behavior.  Make sure your fox has food and water at all times. A Fox needs taurine in its diet. A fox's toe nails have a quick in them so when you trim their nail do not trim too close. Pet your fox and groom them, brush their teeth if this is something you are going to do,  as it will be accustomed to these things as they get older. Pet them and pick them up so they are used of being handled. Spend quality time with your fox. Fox love to play with anything that plays with them. Other animals usually tire of this before the fox is done playing. Do not play ruff with your fox as this promotes bad behavior. UNSUPERVISED children should not be left alone with your fox as they may get too rough and hurt your fox.  NEVER leave your fox alone with your dog to go shopping ect. Always put fox in pen when shopping or at work ect. This way you know your animals are both safe.  Remember we will school you on the care of your animal at pick up and send home a care plan.