Exotic Animals LLC

Tiny Tracks


Selling Exotic Animals to Interested buyers

on  a farm has its advantages of learning about a wide variety of animals. Raising exotic animals was a hobby that grew and as it grew, we became licensed breeders. 
Tiny Tracks Exotic Animals LLC
 is both USDA certified and STATE licensed offering hand raisedbottled fed QUALITY animals to people
that can legally own them in their own state.

our goal is
for you and your animal to have the best experiance together.
We give you a care plan at pick-up and give you instructions of how to care for your new animal and this starts you out in the right direction.
The relationship you have with your animal is up to you!

Joe- Illinois
​Ashley- Illinois
Teagan has been a great addition to our family.  She and our dog Cora get along so great together.  She takes time to get use to people but once she does, she is excited to see us and others.  Everyone loves her to death.
Tammy and Dave, Rusty is now 8 years old.  He lives in our house.  Litter trained from day # 1.  He is so smart and loveable.  I could not imagine my life without him. 
Tiny Tracks
​Daryl- Ohio
My Arctic fox is awsome I love her to death.  You are awsome breeders and very responsiable with all your animals and I only want to deal with people like you.  I have been a long time customer of many animals from Tiny Tracks.
Horoshi has been such a good pet to everyone and myself we love him.  
Thanks for everything that you do.
Suzanna- Wisconsin
​Eric, Tara and Vader
Just thought we would send you an update on Vader.  He ia an awsome addition to our home, and keeps us laughing most of the time.  Thank-you for helping us along with our 1,200 mile journey.  Thanks for being so accomodating.  We could not be happier with our fox.
We adopted punkin 2 years ago then this year, we were wanting another fox to join our family, we again came to Tiny Tracks.  You were the most informative, caring, and compassionate Fox breeders that we contacted.  You supplied us with care sheets, health certificate and even his first toy!
Your dedication really shows.
Thanks again
Bryce H- Indiana
​Shannon- Ohio
I got the last cinnamon coon from you this year and I love her soooo much!  She is smart and already litter trained.  She is catching on quicker than I expected and more, and you will be hearing from me and my daughter too LOL.
I wanted you to know that Rocket is fantastic.  He is so well behavied and he only uses the bathroom when I take him on walks now.  He is also a really loving fox and I just wanted you to know what a blessing our new fox is.
​​Mark, Cathy & Shaela
​Mark, Cathy & Shaela
It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and your daughter.  The additional knowledge you gave us about the fox is indeed invaluable.  We got all 3 boys home safely.  Our big male chow fell in love with the silver fox and acts like it's Daddy.   Both of them actually kissed each other!
Our Blonde chow Popcorn, also seemingly loves his new best friends.  
Judge, Sugar and Spy are so fun to watch and play.
​​Kendra & Brock- Ohio
​Mark, Cathy & Shaela
The boys are a hoot to take on short walks outside.  Our office is no longer just an office with the boys within petting distance of me some 8 hours a day sometimes.   We just wanted you to know that we love our new adopted extended family.
Wish you all the best 
Our fox Tails is fantastic, and we love him so much.  He gets along with my cats and loves to play.  He is well manored and has a good temprement, my vet was even impressed by him.  We could not ask for a better pet!
Thank-you so much
​Tiffani- Indiana
​Bob & Mary- Ohio
We just wanted you to know how much we love Rolo.  He has truely become part of our family.  We take him everywhere with us.  He loves playing with our dogs and cat...too.  Thanks for all the information it was so helpful and a lot of breeders don't do that!  It is so important to have support from your breeder.
Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy our pet fox.  You guys provided alot of help and answered all of our questions reguarding housing, behavior, and what to expect out of our new baby.  I'm so glad that there are good people like you that go above and beyond to provide people with knowledge and the opportunity to have such wonderful creatures!
​Noel- owner of TYR
This is an updated picture of TYR.  Follow us on youtube.  
TYR is a great example of what having a fox is like for a pet and some of our daily excursions.
Our fox is the perfect addition
to our family. 
We are so in love with him.
Thanks for everything


We DO NOT give tours of our facilities due to insurance regulations and licensing restrictions.  

We only sell animals to 
NO foreign countries.
SORRY...we do not ship. 
Pick-up will occur here at our facility in Indiana.

If you have questions please go to the contact us page.


Dave and I:
Have 3 grown children and are blessed with 9 grandchldren.
Ages 0-15.

In the year 2020: 
we are starting a new chapter in our life readying for retirement.
We will continue to sell animals as BREEDING STOCK.
The animals will still be 5 weeks old at pick-up.
When or if we find a buyer
for our business
we will consult with them 
in this transision period
for 1 year to establish them
with our processes and paperwork involved.

Thank-you for continued support thru the years.

Tiny Tracks Exotic Animals LLC
Tammy and Dave Long