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We advise you to seek a good veterinarian in the treatment of your coatimundi.  We will not be held responsible for any mishaps pertaining to these documents.

A coatimundi is a type of animal from South America and a desert Climate.  They need shelter in the winter where the temperature is 50 degrees.   Codi's are a very loving affectionate pet.  They will talk to you and like to be held and pet.  They are very intelligent and learn quickly.  You need to codi proof your house.  Do the  same type of things that you need to do with owning a skunk or Raccoon  to Codi proof your home.  If you do not want to breed we recommend that you have them spayed or neutered.  They love to climb run jump and play.  You can get a harness and leash for them and go on walks.   When you will first get them they probably will be drinking from the bottle.  They drink  Fox Valley formula.  Their eating schedule is similar to a raccoons.  After you wean them off a bottle they will eat a meat based good dog food like Ultra Advantage.  We sell a good dog food if you would like to purchase some.  Codi's also drink lots of water.  We will give you a complete care plan when you take your animal home.  Coatimundi need to be kept in a cage when you can not be with them.    They are explorers and adventurers.  IF you live in an APARTMENT this is not an animal for you.
    Do not leave them with UNSUPERVISED children.    These are pictures of Codi and Roy coatimundi.

$500.00 ea 

This page was last updated: May 12, 2017