*NOTE- As always we advise to seek a good veterinarian in the treatment of your pet.  We will not be held responsible for any mishaps pertaining to these documents.          

The  raccoon is one of the most fascinating and among the most intelligent animals.   Raccoons are very inquisitive and will seldom pass up an opportunity to investigate anything.  They absolutely LOVE SHINEY OBJECTS.  Our raccoon are 30 generations from the wild, and have all been domestically breed.  A raccoon loves to play and explore. 
 Here is some general care information.  When you receive your animal it comes with a detailed care plan.   We also recommend spayed or neutering your coon if you do this they are not grouchy in breeding season and wanting to go look for a mate.  We recommend that you spend quality time with your animal to ensure their happiness.     We have kits starting in April-May. 

Step 1
WHEN YOU RECIEVE  YOUR RACCOON  IT WILL STILL BE  BOTTLE FEEDING  in most cases,  this is great for bonding with your new pet.

  We recommend FOX VALLEY or Esbilac  for bottle feeding follow the instructions for mixing 1 scoop of powder to 2 scoops of water is recommended. Do not over feed your baby.(when you receive your kit we will give you a feeding chart) Your new kit will need to be placed in a draft free environment.  Place a bath towel or a sweatshirt of yours into the place you are putting your kit this way (change as is gets dirty) the kit can stay warm and dry.

Step 2
When you are bottle feeding the bladder must be stimulated (1 per day) UNLESS  there is evidence of urinating and having a bowl movement without stimulation.  The bladder will rupture if it isn't going thru the complete  cycle.  

Step 3
At 10 weeks old the raccoon should be fully weaned and eating dry food or moistened dog food.  At 12 weeks they should be eating an adult coon diet.  As your kit progresses spend lots of quality time with them and allow them to go where you are keeping them freely.  They also can be litter box trained. Raccoon are creatures of habit when they decide where to do their bathroom business  place  the litter box in that spot.    
*NOTE if you have a cat you need a separate litter box for the coon.  Also note DO NOT  feed your raccoon any type of seafood they get aggressive if you do this.  DO NOT feed your Raccoon CAT FOOD.

Step 4
We recommend a cage outside or some type of safe environment when you can not be with your animal.  As with any animal do not allow UNSUPERVISED children alone with your kit.  Children can be mean to the kit and hurt it not meaning to if the animal "bites" it generally is defending itself.  Do not play rough with your coon this also creates undesirable behavior.  

Step 5
If your raccoon is in the house you need to child proof your ENTIRE house.  Raccoon  should have their own toys to play with.  They love balls, stuffed animals and many other infant and toddler items to play with  make sure that they are all SAFE toys nothing with anything sharp to cut them or too little to choke them such as  "Beany Babies"  the beanies will hurt them.

Having a raccoon can be a rewarding and fun experience.  They each have their own unique personalities, just as people do.  Our raccoon sit and eat popcorn and animal cookies with us watching television just as they would being our children.
Here are a few pictures of our raccoon and as you can see we offer a variety of colors.

To adopt please go to the adoption page and states info page.

Sorry but this is our policy these states
 are next to our state 
and we have no issues with importation.

$500.00 ea  albino
$400.00 ea 
$500.00 ea  albino
$400.00 ea
Black ($450.00ea)

$400.00 ea  regular 
$450.00 ea  Black
      Chocolate 450.00 ea  /  Albino  ($500.00 ea)
$500.00 ea  Albino

Albino ($500.00ea)
Left to Right  Cinn (Red)  500.00 ea 
 Albino 500.00 ea
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To  Purchase an animal please fill out and submit adoption form and PAY your deposit to be in line for distribution.

We DO NOT sell animals to any foreign countries.
Chocolate 500.00 ea 
If you would like to purchase a RACCOON
and fill out our adoption form and pay your deposit
to be in line for distribution
must be 21 or older to adopt